Renew Refresh Restore with the Dagara Grief Ritual with Sobonfu Some'

"There is a price in not expressing one’s grief. Imagine if you never washed your clothes or showered. The toxins that your body produces just from everyday living would build up and get really stinky. That is how it is with emotional and spiritual toxins too. What we must remember is that, the more these toxins rise the more we have a tendency to blame or hurt others around us." - Sobonfu Some'

Sobonfu's name means keeper of the Rituals- she travels the world lecturing on the practical and transformational power of her Dagara tribes ways, philosophies, and rites. Rituals can seem to us in the West, as foreign concept - even a little off-putting.

Ritual, and especially the Grief Ritual- is simply an outlet to bring our burdens- grief from deaths, loss of dreams, ancestral patterns, addictions, even the world's pain- to a place where we are supported to release and receive relief. Without grieving, our pains and fears can cause illness and to repeat painful patterns of thought and behavior.

"The Grief Ritual is a way for people to not only allow healing for the part of them that has been hurt, but it's also a way of acknowledging that something else is being born in the Self. Because grief is a doorway to healing. It is also a doorway to accessing one's power....and getting into one's creativity." Sobonfu Some'

Friday Evening Lecture:
Sobonfu will lead an Evening lecture not only on the role of Ritual in the Dagara culture and tradition, but also on the nature of grief, and how it can effect our lives, if we do not release it properly.

Saturday Grief Ritual:
On Saturday, from 9AM-5/6 PM, Sobonfu will lead the Dagara Grief Ritual. This is a soul-cleansing and soul-restoring workshop, designed to provide a supportive, safe space to release our individual and collective grief - grief about the losses we have endured in this and other lifetimes.

"Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing, communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine love, happiness and freedom." Sobonfu Some'

You do not need any experience, and you do not need to be affiliated with any belief system or religion. The event is spirit filled, but does not have a specific religious persuaion. 

"I was not sure that the Grief Ritual with Sobonfu was "going to work on me". I was in for an amazing surprise! Sobonfu's caring, supportive, and purposeful nature quickly put me at ease...The ceremony was beautiful and was non-threatening to any religious background...I had such an incredibly powerful, cleansing, and healing experience that went beyond my wildest expectations. It has changed my life... (and continues to do so)...I highly recommend it to anyone in need of emotional healing- both women, and especially men. You won't regret it! Thank You So Much Sobonfu!"

Sobonfu Some' is the author of The Spirit of Intimacy, Welcoming Spirit Home, and Falling Out of Grace. For more info on Sobonfu Some' and the Grief Ritual visit: www.sobonfu.com

Friday Evening Lecture: 7 - 9 PM
Saturday Grief Ritual: 9AM - 5/6PM

Cost to Attend:
Friday Evening Lecture Only: $30.00 online/at the door
Friday and Saturday Sessions: 
$200 online/at the door

Sign up on Eventbrite, or via paypal to:

You can attend the Lecture as a stand alone Event. Wear comfortable clothes, bring water and a pilow for seating.
Call: 703-505-5152
Pay via Paypal to:


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