A Letter to the City Council: Homeless Shelter Is a Safety Hazard to Residents

The city must find an alternative site to protect and preserve the canyon neighborhood's peaceful living, says one Canyon Acres resident.

Photo credit: Lorene Auger.
Photo credit: Lorene Auger.

From: Lorene Auger
Canyon Acres Resident

The ASL HOMELESS SHELTER ON CANYON ROAD continues to disrupt the safety of canyon residents, on a daily basis, as the homeless walk down the canyon road into the city. Unfortunately, homeless often stop in the neighborhoods creating nuisance & safety issues with the residents ability to peacefully reside in our once tranquil communities.

As you can see in the photographs, the scene begins with two police cars and three officers to handle ONE transient homeless man, with his gear, sitting on corner.

Eventually, the situation escalates to needing three police vehicles and one paddy wagon to remove the one homeless man.

Our street was blocked and this went on for nearly an hour!!

The police responding to the crisis apparently is so serious it warrants every available police vehicle and the paddy wagon!!

Hopefully, there was nothing else taking place in our city that would have required these officers to respond as it appears our entire police force was dealing with this one homeless man who was arrested and removed this morning before 11 a.m.!

This continued circumstance illustrates the need to safeguard the neighbors from the walk of shame, down the canyon and into town that occurs every morning FROM and every evening TO the ASL!!

The city must find an alternative site to protect and preserve the canyon neighborhood's peaceful living. 


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