Check Out These Really Beautiful Contest Photos from Laguna Beach

The Laguna Bluebelt has announced the winners of its third annual photo contest, which focuses attention on Laguna's marine protected areas to gain public support for their protection.

Second Place: Jean-Yves Couleaud - Healthy Kelp Forest Continues to Grow
Second Place: Jean-Yves Couleaud - Healthy Kelp Forest Continues to Grow

The Laguna Bluebelt has announced the winners of its third annual photo contest, which focuses attention on Laguna's marine protected areas to gain public support for their protection.  

"We saw many more entries to the contest this year which totaled almost 70 photographs," said Patsee Ober, one of the three judges on the panel, which also included Mark Chamberlain and Mitch Ridder.  

"It was great to have photos representing the diversity of the marine life in our Bluebelt from the largest animal on earth, the blue whale, to a small sea slug in the tidepools." 

The photographs will be exhibited at the Gallery Q with an artists reception to be held this summer honoring the winners.

Winning photographs can be viewed at http://lagunabluebelt.org/3rd-annual-bluebelt-photo-contest-winners.  All entries are posted on the Laguna Bluebelt Facebook page http://tinyurl.com/LagunaBluebelt-FB 

Underwater Winners:
First Place:
Name:  Michelle Hoalton
Title:  The Many Colors of the Kelp Forest
Second Place:
Name:  Jean-Yves Couleaud
Title:  Healthy kelp forest continues to grows off the coast of Laguna Beach
Third Place:
Name: Brook Peterson
Title:  I dived in the sea to see what I could spy, and the fish were more wonderstruck than I
Fourth Place -Honorable Mention
Name:  Dawn Marie Peterson
Title:  Love at First Sight
Fifth Place -Honorable Mention
Name: Robert Lowe
Title:  Warped Paradise

Above Water Winners:

First Place: 
Name: Mark Sanderson
Title: Crescent Bay for the New Year
Second Place:
Name: Kevin Roberts
Title:  "Reef Supports Life" or "It’s Alive!"
Third Place:
Name:  Taylor Osborn
Title:  Piles Uncovered
Fourth Place -Honorable Mention
Name:  Foster Eubank
Title:  Western Willet Foraging at Low Tide in the Surfgrass
Fifth Place -Honorable Mention
Name:  Alicia Warwick
Title:  Rock Pools at Heisler

Bill Chionis February 08, 2014 at 07:22 PM
Just wanted to thank the tremendous photographers here for sharing their unique perspectives of the amazing place in which we live. This might have been a contest, but the artists are all winners for sharing their vision and spirit!


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