Six Thanksgiving Dinner Spots in Laguna Beach Besides Your Kitchen

Cooking sucks! Let other people do all the work (and the dishwashing) for you this holiday ...

*Check to see if some restaurants require reservations.

Starting at 1 p.m. Thursday, the White House will be serving up a Thanksgiving feast with turkey, Honey Baked ham, char-broiled salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and candied yams. For dessert, they'll have pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Meal prices are $16.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids. But all that is just the appetizer for the evening’s real main course: ‘80s tribute gods Flashback Heart Attack! Errr ... maybe "heart attack" and "Thanksgiving" shouldn't go together ...

French 75 has a special three-course menu for $39 a person, or—hello!—$49 if you want the endless sparkling wine. Say it with us: Endless. Sparkling. Wine. The grub offerings include traditional oven-roasted turkey with bacon-braised Brussels sprouts, and cranberry and walnut stuffing. Salmon, quail and New York steak entrees are also available. For dessert? Several options, but we’d go for the pumpkin souffle. Special bonus: live seasonal music played by actual musicians. Perhaps the theme to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? In French?

Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends, a local nonprofit that helps unwanted, sick and injured animals, is holding its annual Thanksgiving dinner for pet owners (and their pets—bring ‘em with!), and the money raised from this feast will go to support the group. Not sure about the menu, but turkey is definitely on it, so all the usual trimmings probably are too. Served from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Cost: $35 adults, and $15 for kids 12 and younger.

Hotel Laguna's Ocean View B&G has a major buffet on tap for Turkey Day. What will you get to pick from? Roasted turkey and ham, of course, but also braised short ribs, Atlantic salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, a pasta bar, assorted baked goods and pastries, salads, shrimp cocktails, and a whole bunch of imported and domestic cheeses with funny-looking names we won’t even try to pronounce. The spread is served from noon-7 p.m. $40 for adults, $18 for kids 12 and under.

K’ya will be serving up a traditional roasted turkey dinner from 4-8 p.m. in two different portion sizes: small ($11) and large ($22), a mix of white and dark meat with mashed potatoes, gravy, seasonal veggies, herb dressing and cranberry sauce. They also have a butternut squash soup that goes for $4, and for dessert, how does a $2 pumpkin pie sound?

Laguna Beach’s annual free community Thanksgiving potluck buffet will once again be held at noon at the NCC, with enough food to serve over 600 meals. Grub and supplies are provided by your friends, neighbors, churches and community groups, but none of it can happen without food donations, so please come by Thursday at 11 a.m. and drop off any ready-to-eat turkeys and economy-sized sides. Volunteers are also needed to help out, either with setting up, cleaning up, or carving up the birds. If you plan to donate a turkey please call  to let them know. For more info, click up the fine folks at the Friendship Shelter.

Know a restaurant in Laguna Beach that's hosting an awesome Thanksgiving spread? Add it to this list in the Comments section below ...

Paula Revere November 21, 2012 at 02:50 AM
This is great- b/c I'm so tired of cooking.


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