Foster a Furry Friend: Cats Living With Dogs? It's Complete Chaos!

Somebody get these kittens outta here!

Hi, I'm Onyx, a three-month-old feline with shiny black fur and prrrrty green eyes.

I was living comfortably in my cozy cage here at Animal Crackers Pet Rescue—complete with hammocks, mobiles and my own private potty—until three new little rascals came along and took over the pad. Now I've been put out with the dogs.

Not that we had a choice; someone just left them outside our front door a couple of weeks ago when they were a few weeks old. Their names are Sesame, Poppy and Damien—all girls. (At first we thought Damien was a boy, hence the name. Oops.)

They're very sweet, like all of our friends here, but I'm ready to have my own place again, where I can have some peace and no one snacks on my litter box.

Or, better yet, someone take the kittens, so I can claim my old spot again and stay with Gina. She's the best.

To adopt them, call 949-499-1988.

UPDATE: Nadia, a 12-week-old German Shepherd who was recently featured on Laguna Beach Patch, has been adopted by a loving local family. In worse news, it looks like Animal Crackers' prospective new location might not work out. We've got only a month to find a new place. Any advice, connections or help from the community would be very much appreciated.


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