'King Tide' Photos Sought as Coastal Warning

The California King Tides Initiatives wants residents to record this week's coastal event as part of a wake-up call for what California can expect if sea levels rise.

As a reminder of how rising sea levels can affect coastal communities, OC Coastkeeper and other nonprofit conservation groups are asking residents to capture images of the ultra-high winter "king tides" that are expected Wednesday.

This California King Tides Initiative should provide a look at what the state can expect if sea levels rise in the future, highlighting how residences, harbors and infrastructure and beaches and wetlands, as well as public access to the coast, may be affected.

The National Academy of Sciences projects about a 1-foot of sea-level rise by 2050 and up to five feet by 2100 along the California coast, according to Coastkeeper.

The December tides, expected from Wednesday to Friday, mark the second of four winter king tides events," according to the initiative. More king tides are expected from Jan. 9-11 and Feb. 7-9.

You can see the initiative's king tides chart for California here.  You can submit and view images here.  


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