Thursday is America Recycles Day - Will You Take Part?

Take the pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Submitted story by Waste Management of Orange County:

Laguna Beach is invited to Take Green Action in Celebration of America Recycles Day on Thursday, November 15.

In honor of America Recycles Day, Thursday, November 15, Michelle Clark of Waste Management is asking the Community to take a stand against wastefulness and Pledge to recycle more.

America Recycles Day is a national holiday that provides a moment to pause and reflect on when we choose to landfill or recycle. It’s a recognized day dedicated to Promoting Recycling. Help grow the moment by taking the America Recycles Day Pledge on November 15.

“We can all make a difference on Nov. 15 for America Recycles Day and every day of the year," said Michelle Clark, community relations manager for Waste Management. "Whether it’s helping with a cleanup project in the community or recycling or reuse project, purchasing products made from recycled materials or simply making sure, you place your paper, plastic, glass and aluminum in your recycling container.

"It’s important that we all make a commitment to do our part to protect our environment and preserve our resources.

"Join Mayor Jane Egly and me in taking the Pledge:"



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