Hippies Everywhere! The 1970 Christmas Happening in Color Photos

Laguna Beach's mythical hippie and drug-fueled weekend of long ago comes to life.

Laguna Beach Magazine follows up on a segment of with a piece on the famous December 1970 Christmas Happening festival and rock concert in Laguna Canyon, when bands and hippies and crazy traffic and Orange Sunshine acid-dropping helicopters and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love made for a particularly memorable holiday weekend.

Especially noteworthy are the rare photographs by Mark Chamberlain, the "C" in BC Space Gallery on Forest Ave., who experienced much of those times first hand.

Click this link to take you directly to the story and Chamberlain's amazing color images of the event. I like the one taken high up on a hill overlooking the canyon road and concert site, snapped from about where the toll road is now ... an era lost to history, but at least you can visit ...


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