AR4T Gallery Gets Political With New Show

"Elephants & Asses" show opens less than a week before Election Day.

Story submitted by AR4T Gallery:

AR4T Gallery is pleased to present "Elephants & Asses" - a group show where artists are given free reign to say what they will about politics, candidates & the direction of our country just days before the 2012 Presidential election.

Artists include : Gordon Holden, David Blake, Adam Mars, Trace Mendoza, Danny Schutt, Mary Spring, Michael White, Cody Lusby, Robin Fleming, Dont Care, Nick Simich, Lindsey Byrnes, John Malloy, The Brainfarts, Craig Skibs Barker, Lis Osborne-Leavell, Luke Yates, Sketchy Tank, and more.

"Elephants & Asses" also includes a special installation from Laguna Beach art trio Threee Brothers - Jorg Dubin, Mark Garry and Jeff Peters - who have come together on an experimental project they call "The Unity Plan." By cross-pollinating cultural, political, corporate and historiclal imagery... making Ford and Chevy one brand... substituting Johnny Carson for Ronald Regan... "The Unity Plan" is a humorous yet sincere deconstruction of American imagery and values.

Opening night music from The Red Kapps.


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