Top 2012 Headlines - Business Edition

The re-opening of Salon Meritage, the arrival of In-n-Out, and the 'temporary' closure of the Bay Theatre all marked 2012.

With the end of the world over, and the end of the year coming soon, it’s time to look back.

Here's what happened in 2012 in Rossmoor, Los Alamitos and Seal Beach business news:


-- Salon Meritage, the site of the deadliest shooting in Orange County history, was demolished in March, and renovated for a November  

--The Bay Theatre closed ‘temporarily’ in August, and has yet to reopen. It remains to be seen if the iconic theater will reopen.

-- A number of businesses joined Seal Beach this year, including

  • .
  • Denny’s and In-n-Out.
  • .

-- Minnesota-based Home Savings of America -- which had a branch in Seal Beach -- went down in February.  The closure caused a number of unclaimed checks to pile up for hundreds of locals”

In 2012, other businesses expanded -- Crème Café got the ok to grow into the building next-door -- while some businesses moved:

  • Sno-biggie blew from Seal Beach to Los al.
  • Tankfarm rolled from Los Al to Seal Beach.
  • And Left of the Dial spun from Seal Beach to Los Alamitos to Santa Ana

--Fresh and Easy opened in Seal Beach in March, but in December 

--In November, Boeing announced it would sell two of Seal Beach-based buildings. However, officials said there wouldn't be any layoffs.

As with all end of the year summaries, we’re sure we probably missed a couple things.

Please tell us if we missed any major business local business news.  

Coming up sometime this week: The Year in Crime, Government, Traffic and Schools.

CDC December 31, 2012 at 02:33 AM
" A number of businesses joined Seal Beach this year" Actually most on the list joined Rossmoor! And WE in Rossmoor are STILL waiting for a current traffic study your city officials said they would do for the Shops in Rossmoor. Oh, and you forgot the lovely racial war that Seal Beach and Long Beach got into in 2012 resulting in terminated bus service. Seal Beach needs to join the human race and get some manners. They treat their neighbors like sub-servant slaves!
Seth Eaker December 31, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Just a few other highlights or issues: the opening of the new vibrant Hangout restaurant at Ocean and Main; 320 Main perhaps being the most awarded restaurant in Seal Beach for 2012, particularly in their realm of cocktails; the closure and departure of beloved belinda from Art on Glass in December after 33 years of being in business; the expansion of Harvey Girls Gallery into a larger space; the opening and successful first year of Whole Body Vibe at 308 Main Street; to name just a few. No doubt I missed some too John. Thanks for the coverage of the business community. Selfishly, I would also point out that I was named 2012 Businessman of the Year, and Deb Machen, the current Chamber President was named 2012 Businesswoman of the Year by the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce.
John Crandall December 31, 2012 at 05:27 PM
CDC, Thanks for the comment. I plan to put the bus issue (http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/long-beach-to-seal-beach-bus-end-soon) in the transportation section of our Top 2012 Headlines story.
John Crandall December 31, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Wow ... I did miss a lot. My bad. Appreciate the update, Seth.
Seth Eaker December 31, 2012 at 06:00 PM
No worries John, just sharing. Glad you are here in town covering things. Happy New Year!


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