Cottage Restaurant Closes After 48 Years

The building, however, is expected to house another restaurant.

The sad day has finally arrived: The Cottage Restaurant, a Laguna Beach landmark for 48 years, will shut its doors forever tonight, Dec. 26, after dinner service.

As Patch reported earlier this month, the owners of the land where the 1917-constructed building sits decided to sell. The new owners have plans to turn it into another restaurant.

The announcement of the closure took many Cottage customers by surprise, some of who left comments on Laguna Beach Patch.

"My wedding was in Laguna and we had our rehearsal dinner at The Cottage -- its always been special to me. Sorry to see it go!," wrote Janelle.

"Wow, I and my family will miss it terribly," wrote Annie Hopkins. "I've been going here all my life. It is our go-to place for breakfast and have had many dinners there as well. First Jolly Roger, Royal Hawaiian, and now this. For my family, there aren't many other places that are 'affordable' and good anymore."

Will you miss the Cottage? Tell us in the comments section below ...

John Mazza December 27, 2012 at 12:10 AM
I too will miss the Cottage. Some of the items from the Cottage will be able to be seen at the Festival of the Arts Museum. It just did not work out for the Cottage to stay but I did make the old house a historic class A building with the city so it will stay. I think the Urth Caffe will fit in with the Laguna Beach locals and they will enjoy it.Several of my other properties maintain the old Laguna feel of my youth and can be still patronized by locals (please do) such as Husky Boy (over 40 years in the same location, Stop and Go, Laguna Travel (over 50 yrs in the same location) and Legion Laundromat. Laguna beach is a wonderful place. John Mazza ,former owner of the Cottage.
Stan Jacobs December 27, 2012 at 04:34 AM
Very consistent with Orange County! No landmark establishments, no respect for antiquity, and the only tradition we maintain is demolishing anything historical or covering anything scenic with more redundant beige stucco and pavement. We have turned Southern California into the most bland urban sprawl on the the planet.
Marc Rawls December 28, 2012 at 02:52 PM
The Laguna Beach tri-athelon for many of us college students was: work at the Cottage in the morning (we were call "Cottage Fries"), hit West Street Beach in the afternoon, then to Villa James to work the dinner crowd. Good times with more to come.


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