Foster a Furry Friend: Meet Morris, the Dog-Wrestling Cat ...

Also, Animal Crackers Pet Rescue is still looking for a new home.


I'm Morris, a 5-month-old tabby. Rescued from the rough streets of Orange County when I was just a kitten, I've developed into a perfectly-mannered, domesticated cat in the care of Animal Crackers Pet Rescue.

I adore all people (but especially those that pet me frequently) and the company of other four-legged furballs of all sizes.

I can usually be seen wrestling with the dogs (I can take on the best of 'em) and jumping back and forth from my cage to the bird's cage, taunting tweety with my tail. A home with other pets would be a great fit for me, as I am used to commotion and lots of attention.

If you want to be my human, call 949-499-1988.

UPDATE: Animal Crackers' most recent prospect for a new home has fallen through, so they're still looking for a new space. Owner Gina Kantzabedian will need to leave by the end of November. If you know of a place, drop in at 30822 S. Coast Highway or call Gina at the phone number above.

helen evers October 08, 2012 at 05:48 PM
pizza over saving animals lives, must have been a hard decision for the managers of the shopping center animal crackers is located in....The owner of z pizza forgot to renew his lease but was forgiven, allowed extra months to make more money and then given the pet rescue's store. the difference is animal crackers was on time, begged for their lease to be extended and were still told no. it is still a shopping mall, not fashion island but i feel the group of owners could care less what the people in laguna want, for them it is style and money, does this center need 4 food places, is the vet in the center the next target? I wish z pizza had looked elsewhere, they have how many places now? and they would have been emotionally devastated to leave, now think of where these rescue pets go, so far nowhere, i have just sworn off pizza i think. hundreds of people have shown up to save animal crackers, never saw that many people worry about saving pizza, no matter how good. our corporate world of greed wins again. helen evers
Tamara October 09, 2012 at 06:44 AM
Laguna residents should stage a protest against the landlord...?! Food over pets...NEVER! I hope Karma bites him butt!


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