English Beat Gets Mozambique Crowd Dancing

The Dave Wakeling-led band runs through its '80s hits, to an appreciative audience.

On Saturday, Mozambique welcomed the two-tone ska band the English Beat.

You may know this '80s band, headed by Dave Wakeling, from hit singles such as "Can't Get Used To Losing You" or "All Out to Get You," or maybe "Mirror in the Bathroom.” If you're a Ferris Bueller fan, you may recognize the band's “Rotating Heads” being played during the chase scene near the end of the film. Regardless of the reason, many came out on Saturday to support the band.

The English Beat got their start in England in 1978, a time when the economy was failing and many were out of work. Ironically, they chose a time much like those days to revive their music.

They've toured in the past with the likes of the Police, David Bowie, R.E.M, the Clash and Talking Heads. They’ve had their songs covered by Pete Townshend, the Who, Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello and more.

The English Beat have been through the typical and predictable changes that come with being in a band. They’ve had several different record labels, and band members have come and gone. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to stay consistent. Unlike some bands who try desperately to remain relevant, the English Beat haven't sold out or changed their style—I largely credit this to Wakeling’s efforts.

Over the years, they’ve stayed true to who they are, kept their fanbase, and managed to welcome in new audiences at the same time.

DanaPointJohn May 08, 2012 at 05:44 PM
This was more like a Wikipedia entry and not a review of their Saturday show. Did you attend the concert? How was it? How do they sound? How many of the original members were at Mozambique?


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