Where to Watch the Oscars in Laguna Beach?

The awards may not be as much of a public TV spectacle as the Super Bowl, but there are still places to watch if you know where to look.

By Darnell Bledsoe

Where will you be Sunday during the 2013 Academy Awards? Pardon me, I mean the Oscars ...

This year, the 85th annual Academy Awards is temporarily taking on a new name with a younger tone. According to co-producer Neil Meron, the rebranding of the name might play better to a younger demographic.

Call it what you will, but no matter what the name, I always celebrate this day with family and friends that share the same passion for cinema as I do. This year, however, it's a little more low key, so a few of us decided to see just what Laguna Beach is up to in celebration of the Oscars.

After several phone calls around town, I realized that the showing of the Oscars was something that local businesses hadn’t even given thought to. Some businesses were very receptive to the idea, however, and even agreed to turn the Oscars on for us. Some said they would probably just leave on sports, because that's what most customers prefer.

I'm sorry, but I take offense to that, (no ‘punt’ intended.) There’s no Super Bowl Sunday, but the Academy Awards are the Super Bowl of Performing Arts & Film. Last time I checked, Laguna Beach was a city of the Arts.

So Sunday, we’ll be heading out to watch the Oscars some place in town. As for who the Oscar for best performance will go to, I’m predicting that Wine Gallery will take home the gold. They just opened on September 27th. Chris Olsen, owner and a local resident, said that he’d be happy to roll out the red carpet for Laguna Beach.

I’ve listed a few other places to celebrate and watch the Academy Awards -- however, you may want to check in with them prior to going.

Know of any other places that will be showing this years Oscars? Let the Patch know!

RiverBoatQueen February 24, 2013 at 03:24 PM
I didn't know anyone still watched that hideously boring Oscar show. There are many other better ways to spend a nice evening!
Jackson February 24, 2013 at 07:35 PM
Thanks for the great information! I was wondering about this. I watch the Oscars every year-- whether I've seen the films or not. I always try to tune in to all major award shows and sporting events. I enjoy watching them (for the most part), but it's also nice to just be participatory. I like to be able to be a part of the conversation the next day. The Academy Awards are astronomical when it comes to award shows. They've been around for 85 years, and they'll never go away. Yes, maybe there are parts in the show where it gets a little long or boring, but what else do you expect from an award show that tries to recognize each and every aspect of a motion picture? There's a lot of ground to cover! I was surprised to read that businesses here in town don't really acknowledge the Oscars. That's really too bad. I would think that at least the film society or the Playhouse would take this opportunity to celebrate film. Part of Oliver Stone's "Savages" was filmed here last year! Celebrities come to our town to support events like The Pageant of The Masters- why aren't we reciprocating? Wake up and start acknowledging cinema, it's an art form! I think Laguna Beach missed a great opportunity to roll out the red carpet and invite not only locals, but everyone to come to our town and be apart of day that celebrates the making of motion pictures. Oh well. Maybe next year...
gilbert February 25, 2013 at 03:12 AM
Is it bed time yet? Oh wait! Did the Cowboys win the Superbowl! Yea! Was Osama and Mickey mouse in a commercial during half-time? Yea!
Carly Layne February 25, 2013 at 04:45 AM
Good show! Overall a great year for movies!


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