Clean Water Efforts Win Praise

Fraser Kershaw and City Official.
Fraser Kershaw and City Official.

LAGUNA BEACH- South of the border in the country of El Salvador. City officials have received clean drinking water from a local resident from Laguna Beach. He has been given national praise for his efforts to protect and provide drinkable water.

Fraser Kershaw,  introduced the production team and clean water efforts while addressing the nation of El Salvador on national news across 7 million homes while talking to congressional leaders and administration officials as part of an effort to gain access to give a community clean water. The forum was held at the educational center in San Luis Talpa; Fraser, city officials, students’, and the director of education spoke via television at 9 o’clock on channel 4. 

Fraser was singled out for his efforts to amend multiple governing bodies together for the purpose of safe drinking water which was approved this summer.

The filtration to treat drinking water in rural communities save local residents in pre-mature death, health care costs, and local residents lead a healthier life to provide for their families.. Local officials successfully campaigned for the more efficient purification system. The Environmental Protection Agency said the efforts should encourage others to take similar action in guaranteeing safe drinking water.

The city had 99 death recently caused from a water sourced well. Fraser and the Cinematographer who documented the success will share the adventures on July 19th, AT&T Channel 99.


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