Laguna Named Ninth-Best Beach in the Country, But ...

... which beach do they mean, exactly?

Website TripAdvisor.com today named Laguna Beach the ninth-best beach in the country, part of the unveiling of its Travelers' Choice Awards for 2013.

That's certainly nice of them and all, but as we've complained before, they don't really do much research into these kinds of things. For if they had, they would've realized that there is no actual beach called Laguna Beach. Of course there's the city Laguna Beach, but there are at least 22 named beaches and coves within the city limits, none of which is named Laguna.

So with that nitpickiness out of the way, who beat us out? A bunch of spots in Hawaii and Florida, for the most part—apparently they, too, have sand and oceans there—and ahead of us at #8, tiny little La Jolla Cove down near San Diego.

The TripAdvisor rankings are "based entirely on the reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travelers," says the press release touting the results.

A grand total of 276 beaches worldwide were surveyed. The worldwide champ? Rabbit Beach in Italy, which had better have real live rabbits bouncing around to receive that accolade ...

Eric Bergstrom February 21, 2013 at 06:50 PM
#1 to me!
Norton April 11, 2013 at 07:37 AM
Actually the name Laguna beach comes from a beach that resided at Broadway coming into town from laguna canyon....downtown laguna was at one time only a lagoon , a marsh of brackish water, mostly sea water, left over from high tide and seasonal high seas. When you look at broadway. its actually right at sea level. Now, remove the landfill and concrete, and your below sea level... welcome to Lagoon beach, a division between cliff drive and Temple Hills. When Wells Fargo stage coach ran from Santa Ana to El Toro, it dropped off people who would then walk in thru the canyon then set up tents along this beach inland from main beach. Some years later, once filled in, main beach became tent city. The "greeter" back then was Joe Garcia.


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