KFC Outlet Closes; Laguna Beach Residents' Health Instantly Improves!

The restaurant had been there since the '60s. What would you like to see replace it?

The outlet on Coast Highway, which had been in business since 1967, suddenly closed Wednesday evening after the owner reportedly ran into lease issues.

And, just as quickly, the life expectancy rate of Laguna Beach residents shot up by about eight years.

This, after all, is the fast-food joint that two years ago introduced the vilest item to ever cross a menu board, the Double Down, a sandwich which replaced the bread with two pieces of fried chicken, with cheese, bacon, and god knows what else in the middle of it all.

The taste? Pretty close to what we envision venereal disease tasting like.

Thursday, workers were removing fixtures and furniture out of the building. When prodded by Patch, none of them knew what, if anything, would replace the KFC.

So why don't YOU tell us?

What would you like to see move into the old Kentucky Fried Chicken site?

  • An In-N-Out? Obvious choice, but the location is too small, even if you ripped out the Taco Bell next door. And you probably couldn't get a drive-through window, either.
  • A Del Taco? Uhhh ... seriously? When we have ?
  • A Starbucks? Why not? You never see those anymore!
  • A medical marijuana dispensary?
  • Hell with that noise—bring back the KFC!
  • Something else?

Let us know, and thanks! Now go finish your vegetables ...

Rich Kane September 06, 2011 at 07:24 PM
Jody: Chicken can have that effect on people! I can see a Rubio's there, too ...
Rich Kane September 06, 2011 at 07:25 PM
Bill: What will you do now to get that extra crispy/original recipe fix?
epiphany September 06, 2011 at 11:31 PM
Just lay out on the beach & eat each other's arms & legs off-looks like they're going to devour us all anyway! "They eat my people like bread!" just let them eat cake! Imagine thinking about a little country like this actually becoming Smart enough 2become healthier,happier&more prosperous people... Love U guys...prophets have No Respect in their own country, among their own kinsman or in their own town...some things Never change! Here's one for all the Idolators who think so much of money/ripping us off daily w/bogus shortages& think So Little of God from the 1&OnlyHoly Spirit(NotHerer,tho He'sInHeaven): "THEY CAN LIE&LIE UNTIL THE DIE THEY DIE ABOUT AN OIL SHORTAGE, ETC., BUT THEY WON'T ENTER HEAVEN WHEN THEY DIE!" Because they Never Repented&stoppedLying2UsAll4$$honey!They chose Mammon instead of God. HE SAID SAME THING GOES 4PEOPLE WHO WANT2lie about someone til the day they die-they go 2Hell4lying! After all, who would want Snakes in Paradise?!JC'sBloodDon'tCoverTheNon-RepentantWhoDieIn TheirSins-Kapish?
scott September 21, 2011 at 10:56 PM
i heard it's going to be a new burger concept with frozen custards and fresh cut fries and all the bells and whistles. going to build it out beautifully... that is like a much-imporved five guys and in-n-out, but all natural ingredients..
Mike Hunter October 04, 2011 at 07:05 PM
In and Out would be really cool! crazy how KFC just went quiet into the night like that. must not have been doing to well...i'll miss the biscuits


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