Laguna Beach Named Sixth Most Popular Beach in the Country

Who beat us? New Jersey and Florida! But we still outrank Newport Beach.

A new poll just released from the website The Daily Beast has named Laguna Beach as the sixth most popular beach in the U.S.

That's the highest ranking of any California beach in their poll, beating out similar sandy destinations like Oceanside, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Del Mar, and even Newport Beach (Ha! Suck it, Newport!). The nation's most popular beach in this less-than-scientific poll? Jacksonville Beach, in Florida.

To compile the list, the Daily Beast pollsters say they "took the 2010 total beach-attendance figures from the United States Lifeguard Association, as well as the total resident population of each beach town according to the census, to determine which beaches had the most visitors overall, as well as those that lure the most guests compared with residents. Total visitors and a metric of visitors divided by residents were weighted equally to determine the overall rank."

Ouch. OK, maybe it's a little scientific.

We assume the Daily Beast peeps really mean beach towns, as opposed to actual beaches, since we all know there really isn't a beach named Laguna Beach, but instead, Main Beach, Aliso Beach, Picnic Beach, Victoria Beach, Sleepy Hollow Beach, Crescent Bay Beach, Thalia Street Beach, Brooks Street Beach, West Street Beach, Thousand Steps Beach … you get the idea.

These were the most popular beaches in the United States in 2010, according to The Daily Beast website:

1. Jacksonville Beach, FL
2. Ocean City, MD
3. Miami, FL
4. Myrtle Beach, SC
5. Belmar, NJ 
6. Laguna Beach, CA
7. Newport Beach, CA
8. Ocean City, NJ
9. Huntington Beach, CA
10. Del Mar, CA
11. San Diego, CA
12. Coronado, CA
13. Encinitas, CA
14. Daytona Beach, FL
15. Clearwater, FL
16. Honolulu, HI
17. Nags Head, NC
18. Imperial Beach, CA
19. Santa Rosa, FL
20. Oceanside, CA

Norton December 15, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Ha! The US Lifeguard Assoc! You mean, the casual observation from guards who simply estimate by a packed parking lot or beach, the former being the rule in most places. Since Laguna does not have parking lots right on the beach, except for State beaches in Irvine and or county at Aliso, and limited to street parking and one split level garage, Laguna with its classic geography and picturesque beaches and nooks would by far win over the competition. La Jolla would be it's sister. Big Sur it's uncle. Therefore, if more parking was available, then they would come. Therein lies the truth why we are sixth and thankful for it. Perhaps now being rated as such, the price of everything in Laguna will only go up. Stop rating Laguna's beaches and let people discover its beauty on their own.
Norton June 21, 2013 at 03:36 AM
...and another thing. How could Huntington Beach beat out Honolulu !!! This panel of judges must be from the dark side of the East Coast, given the leading quantity of east coast beaches to start with. Huntington may have its moments but the crystal clear warm waters, white coral beaches, swaying palm trees of Honolulu must not be a match for the coast highway beach with its urban areas surround by oil derricks, fouled land and electric power plants; please people......think! Dogs and surfers love Huntington Beach, but not for its sand, cold water nor for it's tourist traps. AND....Oceanside beat out a beach not even mentioned...Cannon Beach, Oregon. Go figure. You know who should rate beaches? All the football cheerleaders from every beach town USA !!!! Go girls !!


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