Letter: Dicterow Supporter "Believes in Steve"

"If you really do want what’s best for Laguna, then you’ll to show up on November 6th and vote for Steve Dicterow."

Dear Editor:

When you first meet someone it takes mere seconds for your first impression responses to kick in, and in the case of meeting Steve Dicterow, I knew immediately that I really liked the guy. I had just recently moved to Laguna Beach, and I was taking photos at an event. Steve invited me to sit with him and his wife Catrina when he spotted me perusing the patio with a plate of food. By the time dessert was served, Steve had offered me his business card, and help with information on opening my photography business here in town. He made me feel like I was a part of the community. Who was that masked man?

A few days later I realized he was a past Laguna Beach City Council member and three-time Mayor. It was difficult for me to believe, because he was so approachable.

As a photographer I’ve attended many Laguna Beach events, and as time has gone on, I’ve continued to run into Steve all around town.  It didn’t take long for me to realize just how passionate he is about this community. He truly does care about Laguna’s future, and I guarantee you he will work harder than anyone to see to it that we keep our city alive and well. His work ethic, energy, and devotion is unsurpassable.  

Look, we all know we live in a little paradise, and we are truly are blessed. But, the reality is that our future is still extremely uncertain. Laguna Beach is not immune to economic hardships, crime, or any other difficulties that the rest of the nation faces. We can’t afford complacency anyplace in this city, and especially not on City Council. We need action. I believe that Steve is the one candidate who can get things done in this community, and assure that our future is strong and steady moving forward.  He can bring “common sense for a change”.

I believe that Steve’s record speaks for itself with his strong fiscal management skills, crime reduction enforcement and youth safety, educational support system, and involvement and support of all the arts, including his seat on the board of directors at the Festival of Arts.

So the questions you should probably be asking yourself are what does Laguna Beach mean to you? Just how much do you want for this city to remain a place that everyone from all over the world wants to visit, and the place that you will never want to leave? Which nominee do you believe can accomplish all of the things needed to make this happen?

If you really do want what’s best for Laguna, then you’ll to show up on November 6th and vote for Steve Dicterow, the candidate with the most passion for the future of Laguna Beach, and the candidate who’s more about action than words.

I really do “believe in Steve."

— Darnell Bledsoe

John Martin November 03, 2012 at 10:49 AM
"Steve's record speaks for itself?!" You have got to be kidding me! Dicterow is a two-faced snake in the grass. I'm a life-long conservative republican but hell would freeze over before I voted for that elf-like scumbag. Well-informed people in Laguna Beach will vote for ANYONE BUT DICTEROW!
Darnell Bledsoe November 04, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Mr. Martin, I find much of your language inappropriate and really quite unnecessary. I will not be stooping down to your level in a battle of hurtful words. If this were middle school your little fanny would be hauled up to the principal's office, and you'd be suspended home for offensive language and bullying. This is not middle school however, and as an adult you should be conducting yourself in a proper manner so as to discourage this type of behavior in our youth.


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