Laguna Beach Police Caution Homeless About North OC Serial Killer

One suspect is linked to three fatal stabbings.

In the wake of three fatal stabbings that have recently occurred in north Orange County, Laguna Beach Police have taken to warning the city's homeless population, asking them to be alert.

Corporal Jason Farris, the Laguna Beach Police Department's Community Outreach Officer, has been talking up the situation with the city's homeless, both individually and in groups.

"I've been basically advising them to make sure they use the buddy system when possible," Farris tells Patch. "The chances of a crime occurring on someone when they are with another person are much lower. As with anyone in public, I advise them to be alert and watch for unusual activity by unfamiliar people."

Farris says that some have heard through the grapevine of the killings, but others have not.

"Mostly I clear up some rumors and add detail, which may assist them to be safe."

People who use the city's Alternative Sleeping Location in Laguna Canyon have also been contacted, says Farris. As a safety-in-numbers approach, homeless people have been encouraged to utilize the ASL. 

Although the killings have been confined to north Orange County, investigators believe the suspect poses a wider danger. He may have been captured on video driving away from one crime scene in a white car.


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