Laguna Beach Police Union Backs Whalen and Rollinger

The group spurns Jane Egly and Steve Dicterow for City Council while acknowledging their "impressive credentials." No mention is made of Robert Ross.

The Laguna Beach Police Employees Association announced Monday that it would endorse Bob Whalen and Verna Rollinger for the two City Council seats up for grabs in the November 6 election.

"After a very thorough vetting process, including extensive in-person interviews with all of the serious candidates, the association concluded that (Rollinger and Whalen) articulated the strongest commitment to support public safety as a major city priority and to working closely with all members of our department to further both public safety and officer safety," association president Larry Bammer said in a statement.

Bammer said the decision to endorse Rollinger and Whalen over Jane Egly and Steve Dicterow, both experienced Laguna Beach City Council veterans (as well as over Robert Ross, who wasn't mentioned in the endorsement release but will also be on the ballot), was a difficult one.

"Both (Egly and Dicterow) also have impressive credentials and substantial track records of service to the city, but Whalen and Rollinger were the clear choice,” Bammer said.

"We look forward to making the public aware of our endorsement through all means available to us during the campaign," he continued. "More important, after the election, we look forward to partnering with all of our council members, City Manager Pietig, Police Chief Workman and the entire police command staff to keep our city a safe place in which to live, work, do business and vacation."


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