When Your Name is Uncle Creepy, Aren't You Kind of Asking for Trouble?

Mixed martial arts fighter Uncle Creepy - a.k.a. Ian McCall - was arrested this week by Laguna Beach police on an outstanding warrant.

Just so you know, if this guy's name was Bob Smith, we probably wouldn't be writing this story.

But lucky us, his name is ... Uncle Creepy.


Though his mama and the Department of Motor Vehicles would call him Ian McCall, he's known by the Creepy nickname among esteemed colleagues and fans of his profession, which involves getting kicked in the head a lot as a mixed martial arts fighter on the Ultimate Fighting Championship circuit.

According to published reports, Creepy McCall—hey, we like that name better, let's run with it!—was arrested this past Tuesday in Irvine by undercover Laguna Beach cops and DEA agents who were working on an investigation. McCall, 28, was popped for outstanding warrants stemming from a 2008 arrest that involved possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of prescription drugs without a prescription, and driving on a suspended license.

McCall's manager, Jason House, told mmafighting.com that his client was charged with a probation violation back in June for the suspended license incident, and when he was supposed to appear in court this month to deal with the matter, he never showed, apparently due to "a miscommunication."

Following his arrest, McCall was transferred to the Orange County Central Men's Jail, where he'll be held until Sept. 13 for his court hearing, after which he's expected to be released. He pleaded not guilty Thursday to the suspended license charge, according to court records. So far, it's his only charge.

McCall has a history of minor traffic violations mixed with more serious charges. In 2010, he pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm. In 2005, he pleaded no contest to battery and resisting arrest. He's also admitted to using oxycontin, xanax, GHB and pot, once overdosing to the point where he woke up in a hospital.

But since joining the UFC in March, he's appeared to have made an effort at shedding old habits. In a profile that ran in February on mmafighting.com, McCall had this to say about his relationship with intoxicants:

"It looked like fun. It seemed like something I would be into. I guess I was hanging out with the wrong people. It's no one else’s fault but my own. I just tried it and liked it, and it went from there."

Sure has been a rotten week for the pugilistically inclined, what with former UFC fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller turning up naked in a Mission Viejo church and all. The McCall incident could also be included in a conversation with this story we ran earlier this week about why fighters are having bizarre meltdowns.

Regardless, here's hoping McCall gets his stuff together. After all, who could resist clicking onto stories about a guy who calls himself Creepy and rocks such a hiptastic handlebar moustache?


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