More Than $16,000 Raised Saturday to Help William McMurray

Dozens of families turn out to help a friend and classmate who has a brain condition and large medical expenses.

At the William McMurray fundraising event at on Saturday, Kendyl Beresford, 6, handed her two dollars to volunteer Caterina Jacobs, and bought a purse and a notebook.

With the help of Beresford's purchase, and dozens of volunteers like Jacobs, over $16,000 was raised for the McMurray family by the end of the day.

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Owners of Laguna Beach's , Sabrina and Michael McMurray recently learned that their 11-year-old son William is fighting an inoperable tumor known as a brain stem glioma. Without medical insurance, the McMurrays will be facing large medical bills in the future.

Laguna Beach resident Kim Ressler coordinated the 'Fun at the Field' fundraising event to help the McMurrays with their medical costs after she read an article about the McMurrays to her son Will Lichtenstein. 

Ressler said, "My 12-year-old son Will said to me, 'We have to do something.' At that point, we decided to have a kids' bake sale ... something the kids could do. And this is what it turned into." 

On Saturday, there were mini "stores" with donated items, a face painting booth, a craft table, food for sale, and lots of baseball activities.

Dena Gunsolley ran the balloon sculpture booth with her son, Nolan, and daughter, Kaitlin.

"This balloon booth is all [my kids'] idea," said Dena Gunsolley. "Because he knew William needed help, Nolan stayed up at night and learned from the Internet how to [make balloon creations]. And then we had balloons shipped overnight to our house. Nolan and his sister did it all themselves."

"How can you say 'no' to helping?" she said. "Whatever it takes, you do it."

If you would like to help the McMurray family, please drop by the . and donate in person. You can also get updates by clicking on William's Facebook page here, and by going to the family's blog site here.


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