Art That's Small at City Hall!

"This quaint building that had been calling me to paint it is now captured inside a perfect frame that suits it to a T."

Every March, the City of Laguna Beach invites local artists to bring their small art to City Hall for a special show titled, "Art That's Small at City Hall." Almost every year I forage through my recent paintings trying to find something good that will fit the bill.

The artwork has to be two dimensional and can't be longer than 12 inches in any direction including the frame. I can't tell you how many times I've found just the piece, and then measured it to find it is 13 or 14 inches on one of the sides.

This year, I decided that if an art show is worth doing, it's worth doing right, so I decided I would paint something expressly for this show alone.

No sooner had I made this commitment to myself when just the subject matter popped into my mind! Marianne and I have been sitting at the Watercolor Gallery for over a month because the gallery owner, Lucille McElroy, had been out with a broken arm. Every time I approach the Watercolor Gallery, my eye is drawn across the street to one of the cutest little buildings I know of in Laguna Beach.

It's the building on Coast Highway that houses a hip clothes shop called The Red Fox. The roof slants down longer on one side, is red-tiled, and has pretty green moss growing over it. The front door is arched, and on one side, there is a lovely tree that jets out over the street and turns all sorts of colors through the year. There are tiny windows here and there. This little building has "Laguna" written all over it!

It took me two days to complete the tiny 5-by-7-inch painting, and when it was done, I was quite tickled with it. This quaint building that had been calling me to paint it is now captured inside a perfect frame that suits it to a T. It feels so right to me, to have painted a tiny building in Laguna for a show titled "Art That's Small at City Hall."

When I visited City Hall last Monday to see the show all hung, I was happy to see my darling on the wall right next to where I get my business permit every year. But no matter how good I feel about my artwork before a show, I'm always humbled by all the other entries from local artists that are each unique and lovely in their own way! I'm familiar with many of Laguna's local artists, and I smile when I spot a unique style instantly.

Come down to see all the beautiful works of art for this great local show. The opening reception is April 4th from 5pm to 6pm. Or, you can see the exhibition any time now through April 25th when all of the little cuties will come down. This art show is living proof that good things do come in small packages!


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