Beams From World Trade Center to Be Used in Laguna Beach 9/11 Memorial

The City Council OKs installation at Heisler Park. FEMA funds and electric cars were also on the agenda.

Council and Staff Reports Charging

Mayor Pro Tem Jane Egly’s staff report reminded the gallery that electric cars are now seen charging for free until at least September, when rates will be revisited. She also said that, just down the street from the electric car ports, the 45th annual Sawdust Festival opened a couple of weeks ago, and she did not remind anyone that it, too, charges; the adult rate runs $7.75 for a 10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily admission, until it closes August 28.

Council member Elizabeth Pearson reported on the Festival of Arts pre-opening in the grounds diagonally across the street from the Sawdust, saying the children’s art this year is unbelievable ... no hint what theirs cost, yet.

Mayor Toni Iseman nearly followed through, she said, on thinking about exercising when she attended the 10-year anniversary ribbon cutting at the owned by Marian Keegan and Fernanda Rocha. Rocha, the reigning Real Housewife of Orange County, shot a video called Brazilian Booty Workout, and Vol. 1 is now available to the public for a charge of $19.99.

The mayor did not say whether she almost opted for the “One Part Fernanda, One Part Brazil mixed with great music” workout, or spin, or Pilates, which are also offered ...


Mutual Consento "Semper Memento" Calendar

When Mayor Iseman pulled item #9 of 14 off the consent calendar, where mostly done deals have been, um ... done—and about to be enacted or funded—she had a reason. Laguna Beach artist Jorg Dubin was in chambers, and consented to describe his art piece using two beam pieces from the World Trade Center. The gallery had not much choice but consent to listen, which worked out for all.

Dubin told council and audience members that he wanted to keep the piece simple and open to interpretation and reflection, so he’s basically tipped the six-foot beams together over a silver ball representing the global significance of 9/11. On its one-foot pedestal, the finished height will near eight feet.

The piece, called Semper Memento, will be installed at Monument Point in by Sept. 11, the 10th anniversary of 9/11.


Hungry for Housing and Human Services

City Manager John Pietig approved hearing the housing and human services report. The report said, “There are no sites available for truly affordable housing in Laguna,” which has been the case for some time and that a Hunger Bowl is scheduled for November 12.

This 3rd annual World Hunger Bowl “begins with a week-long food drive to benefit the homeless and those who need assistance” in Laguna. The Aliso Creek Inn will host the event and seeks sponsors, artists (starving or not) and volunteers for the event ...


No Backlash for Heisler Art Backsplash

With Heisler Park’s newly famous Breaching Whale already in place for photo ops and Semper Memento coming by 9/11, it had recently been thought that Heisler’s art pinnacle had been achieved.

But the Rockpile lawn bowling area water fountain needs its love, too. By unanimous vote, the council authorized the City Manager to enter into a contract with Scott and Naomi Shoenherr to create and install a ceramic backsplash for the fountain.

Councilmember Elizabeth Pearson jumped quickly into the breach to assure those among the testy “nouveau pauvres,” who might have attended Tuesday’s Slamdance, that taxpayer dollars are NOT used for this fountain backsplash piece. The hotel tax mostly funds the art commissioned in the city, she said ...


FEMA Funds Storm Damage, Not Potential Damage

City staff found themselves short $855,000 in FEMA funds for three projects they say could be damaged within five years by another storm if repairs are not made. The sewer mains—one at Dorn Court and one at 1280 Bluebird Canyon Drive, and one street at Pacific Vista and Gainsborough—will have to be paid for by the City Disaster Relief Fund if FEMA denies the Laguna appeal in progress.

During the March, April and May 2011 overview of the December 2010 flooding disaster with FEMA and CalEMA, the city received approval for 29 projects and three hazard mitigation proposals. The hazard mitigation proposals total $62,500 to raise flood barrier heights at the animal shelter, install a 30-inch pipe at the dog park, and stabilize the Main Beach boardwalk with concrete deadweight.

A unique occurrence off Phillips Road in the Canyon left everyone scratching their heads what to do. The torrential December rains uncovered an old burn dump that flowed debris through the nearby Sun Valley neighborhood.

Total appropriations of $2,495,300 are expected to find their way to match the disaster costs, with the city contributing $185,000 of the total and setting aside a $114,300 contingency. The grand total includes the funds for the repairs of the three projects that could be damaged, and may be funded, and to buy a new duty truck with $21,700 of the FEMA funds ...


When 100 Feet Aren't Enough

The city will require that resident/tenant notification procedures in the Downtown Specific Plan go out to 300 feet for all future projects that require review by the Planning Commission or Design Review Board ...


City of Lights

All over town and ... Emerald Bay?

Safety issues dominated the discussion of friendly lighting around town. Residents living over various beaches with caves related how loud parties and smoke from illegal fires disrupt their lives, especially at night. Dean Hazen, resident of 11 years, also added that partiers in the caves don’t realize they sometimes fill up with water quickly, depending on conditions, and that in the dark, they won’t see the water coming.

Light on the beaches often breaks up the parties, several residents said, who were not afraid to use them.

The council sent a lukewarm message by returning the bill to committee for modifications before a final vote. The council also asked for a revisiting of what holidays will be set aside to allow special lights and times for lighting.

Regarding the proposed installation of a traffic signal at Emerald Bay, concerns about creating accidents by Councilmember Kelly Boyd summed up the safety end of the discussion where the council ended by directing the city manager to relay the city and resident concerns to Emerald Bay, the Coastal Commission, the County and Caltrans ...


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