It's Official: City Can Take Skateboards Away from the Helmetless

The Laguna Beach City Council passed the final version Tuesday. Police plan to apply the law after January 1.

The Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday approved the final version of the controversial skateboard confiscation law, which allows police to take away and hold skateboards of people who are caught riding without helmets.


The law—which applies to all ages of skateboarders, not merely teenagers—will go into effect Dec. 14. However, the police department says that the regulation will not be enforced until after the first of the year so the public can become informed of the new consequences of helmetless skateboarding.

According to Laguna Beach Police Captain Jason Kravetz, the new law doesn't mean that officers will be combing the streets of the city looking to take away boards at every opportunity.

"We left it to the officer’s discretion" as to whether or not they'll confiscate the boards, Kravetz tells Patch. "The confiscation will more than likely only take place with repeat helmet offenders, or if the [person] ignores warnings and continues to do it after being told not to."

Skateboards will be held at the Laguna Beach Police Department for one week upon a first violation, and 30 days after each subsequent violation. No word if the boards will need to be read their rights, be allowed a phone call, or have access to legal representation ...

Also, persons under 18 will need to be accompanied to the police station by a parent or guardian when picking up their skateboard

The council's final vote was 4-1, with Kelly Boyd the lone holdout.

The police department will report back to the city council on the law's effectiveness sometime in mid-2013.

Drake Danger November 15, 2012 at 07:42 PM
How else can we take away our freedom? Maybe make it mandatory to wear knee pads as well? Maybe no texting and walking at the same time? Could we confiscate the phone or maybe fine time? No bicycles on pch, those people in their spandexy suits get pretty annoying out in the middle of the road, and maybe we could make a parallel parking time limit, lets say if you cant do it in 30 seconds, fine time, vehicle confiscation, or just a slap on the forehead might do the trick for a first time offender? Oh and how can we regulate the not looking both ways before crossing the street? Maybe a crossing guard on every corner, or do we just wait on natural selection for this one to figure it self out? I Just can't help but wonder, by putting these infringements in place, does this make you people truly feel like you are doing something good, or do you just wake up cranky and mean, and try to find a new way to impose more restrictions on people? Worst of all, you are taking away the ability for people to make good decisions on their own.


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