Jane Egly Is Laguna Beach's New Mayor-for-a-Year

Verna Rollinger is voted in as the city's new mayor pro tem.

Councilmember Jane Egly was chosen by her colleagues on the Laguna Beach City Council Tuesday night to serve as the city's next mayor. She immediately began her term after the unanimous vote, following a quick shuffling of chairs.

Councilmember Verna Rollinger was then voted unanimously to fill Egly's mayor pro tem slot.

The mayoral title, which Egly will hold for the next year, is largely ceremonial on a council which annually rotates its mayor and mayor pro tem roles. Egly will lead the council meetings, represent the city at events and preside over new business ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

Egly has been on the council since 2004 and also served as mayor in 2008.

Both Egly and Rollinger are up for reelection in 2012.

Before giving up her center position on the dais, outgoing mayor Toni Iseman gave a rundown of some of the highlights during her tenure this year, including the Dec. 22 flood, the electric vehicle charging stations that were installed, the skateboarding controversy, the quiet zone at , the remodel, and the Marine Life Protection Act, which goes into effect Jan. 1.

"It's been a pretty interesting year," said Iseman. "Jane, I hope you cut as many ribbons as I did. Every ribbon that I cut represents somebody who had the inspiration and courage to open a business in this economy."

Egly later remarked, "I am full of joy and happiness to be mayor of Laguna Beach."


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