Laguna GOP Prez Candidate Fred Karger's "Sexy Frisbee" Video!

Love him or hate him, Laguna Beach's own openly gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger knows a good marketing strategy when he sees one.

Namely, one of the oldest in the book: sex sells, baby!

Karger's campaign held a viewing party in West Hollywood Friday night for the premiere of his latest campaign video, dubbed "Sexy Frisbee," one he hopes will go viral.

Not sure how successful that attempt will be. One thing we've learned in the Internet age is that if you produce a video with the intention of it exploding across the blogosphere, it likely won't, unless there's something reeeeeally provocative about it ... and, hmmm, the dude in the blue shirt at the end of this clip planting the lip-lock on his boyfriend does sorta look like Mitt Romney, kinda ...

Check out the clip for yourself by clicking the box at the top ...

ms.sc. April 22, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Our Country is in dire straits not only here but over seas...the very LAST thing a new Presidential Candidate needs to be taken seriously is that "sex will sell" and convince voters of his intelligence and leadership abilities for our Country and Military! Total FAIL!
T.Spayede April 22, 2012 at 08:42 AM
Perhaps best direction is for F.K., up! - iow, praps a position in the Carl's Jr advertizing grope - er, group?


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