Laguna's Public Safety Highlights for 2013

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Editor's note: The following list was compiled and issued by City Manager John Pietig. Sections of the city's list of 2013 Accomplishments have been published over the last few days.

Downtown Area Programs
– In response to concerns from downtown businesses, Police staff conducted several programs including a downtown outreach program, bike patrol, and civilian enforcement presence. 

School District Safety Efforts – The Police Department has worked with the School District to provide emergency incident training, assess the safety risks of each school, and introduce the “Text-A-Tip” program that provides students with a confidential method of reporting crimes and other suspicious activity. 

Video Monitoring Program - A video contractor has completed the installation of cameras both in the downtown area and at the three main exit points of the City to be capable of collecting and storing video evidence. 

Traffic Safety Programs - In November the department was awarded $51,000 by the State to conduct several programs designed to reduce drunk and drugged driving. 

Participate in Orange County CAD to CAD project - The Fire Department, in conjunction with all other fire agencies in Orange County, completed an update to the county-wide CAD to CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) project, which connects all of the fire dispatch centers and allows each agency the ability to dispatch resources from an adjacent jurisdiction. 

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Program - The Fire Department entered into a contract with the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) to provide Hazardous Materials Emergency Response inside the City. 

Fire Code Adoption Process - Every three years the Fire Department is required to update the Fire Codes that are adopted by the City and there is continued emphasis on the need for high building standards due to the fact that the majority of the City is in a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.   

Fuel Modification Map - The Fire Department prepared a Fuel Modification Map identifying the 14 zones that are maintained throughout the City by the use of goat, hand crews, or a combination of both.

Marine Safety Training and Education – The Marine Safety Department trained 35 new rookie lifeguards and graduated 450 junior lifeguards, provided public education to 25 different schools and local organizations, and educated young school groups from all over Southern California on the local tide pools.

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