Photos: Verna Rollinger Kicks Off City Council Reelection Campaign

The Sunday event attracted 135 supporters, who donated a total of $10,000 toward another four-year term for the current Mayor Pro-Tem.

On Sunday, Verna Rollinger supporters gathered at the beautiful Laguna Beach hilltop home of school board president Betsy and Dr. Gary Jenkins to support her reelection to the Laguna Beach City Council.


A spectacular panoramic ocean view overlooking an amazing landscape and a house full of down-to-earth Rollinger supporters made it the perfect Earth Day event.

As Rollinger addressed the crowd, she proudly thanked a long list of people who were a part of putting on the event. It was clear to see that her supporters meant a lot to her, and vice versa. She invited supporters to join her in campaigning for her re-election in order to keep Laguna Beach moving in the right direction, and spoke about her past years on city council, accenting accomplishments such as last year’s flooding task force.

"I am so very proud of this task force and everyone on it," said Rollinger. "They came up with 26 solid recommendations that are already in the budget for next year, or in the hands of CalTrans to accomplish them.

"But there is still much work to be done here," she added. "The restoration of our financial strength can no longer be compromised. Resources continually need to be supplied in order to rebuild Laguna’s sewer and water infrastructure. One hundred percent of our city’s water is being imported, and it’s just becoming too costly. Something needs to be done."

Supporter Marni Magda was one of the many who were there to support the Rollinger's re-election.

"Verna is not wishy-washy, and she's willing to take a stand on issues that aren't popular," Magda remarked.

Rollinger, a 41-year Laguna Beach resident, ended her address to those who had come to support her by saying, "If I know Lagunans the way I think I do, we all share the same respect for the history of this town, a strong sense of community, and the willingness to participate in thoughtful planning for our future. These shared values will be a source of strength for us all as we move forward and face new challenges. I care about Laguna Beach. I care about you, and I pledge to do my best."

The event was attended by 135 supporters who donated a total of $10,000 to Rollinger's re-election fund.


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