Say What? Noise Complaint Stops Lifeguard Headquarters Construction

It isn't known when the noisy sheet piling shoring process will resume, or how much extra the delay will cost.

A single noise complaint filed at the end of last week has stopped part of the construction of the new lifeguard headquarters at Main Beach.

Work is still continuing on the site, according to Senior Project Manager Joe Webber, but the noisier parts have been halted for the time being. It isn't yet known when this part of the project will resume, according to Wade Brown, who is directing the $5.6 million project for the city.

The main point of the unnamed person's annoyance is the installation of sheet piling shoring. Essentially, these are large steel segments which must be installed via a loud hammering process, which also creates a lot of vibration, hence the complaint.

Twenty feet of this sheet piling shoring needs to be installed parallel to the sewer line that serves the new Main Beach sewer lift station, which itself was a long construction project that finished over the summer.

"Due to excessive vibration and noise from the sheet piling shoring process, work on this portion of the shoring project was stopped for re-evaluation of the contractor’s methods," said a statement released today from the office of Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig. "This work stoppage will most likely result in the project falling slightly behind schedule. Alternative methods for the future backfill process are being investigated to bring the project back on schedule."

"City staff was on site at the beginning of the sheet piling shoring process," says Brown. "Staff prudently shut down the process within the first hour of the start, primarily due to the excessive vibration, and in part due to [the] neighbor’s complaint. We are unsure of any cost impacts."

"We didn't have to do anything," Webber tells Patch. "It was a neighborly thing."

Laguna Beach Lifer January 24, 2013 at 08:37 PM
there's always someone in Laguna who will complain about every little thing. How is it that our city gives all the power to one person? It's obviously a temporary situation. They had the same situation with a volleyball court the city built down at Victoria Beach and they said the court was "on probation" and that if even one person complained, it would be shut down. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.
Reality Check January 25, 2013 at 08:53 AM
Ridiculous, clueless comments. 1) The 'one' complaint was most likely from the Inn at Laguna Beach or a nearby business, which certainly is not 'one'. Do you really think the city would halt construction over a single person? Surely you know better. 2) Nobody in LA cared that their homes developed 'cracks down their walls'? Really? And if so, you suggest Laguna residents and tourists accept destruction to their own homes, hotels and/or businesses in order to provide a handful of lifeguards, who mostly work only a few months and by definition are mainly outside guarding lives with a brand new beach front $7 Million locker room? And, yes, there is an expected 'budget overage' budgeted for - Also known as potential pure profit to be shared. Read the documents online. Maybe we should also accept LA's damaged residential street conditions also. 3) A 'tiny' job? A 'temporary' situation? Ongoing major construction with at least three large cranes and backhoes for an anticipated year and a half is neither. Laguna Niguel erected their entire new City Hall on Crown Valley in under two months and it's probably twenty times the size of this project. The LG Headquarters is guaranteed to continue for at least two straight years. You try calling clients, watching television or taking a nap nearby and you might suddenly gain a clue or two. 4) Comparing this to building a 'volleyball court' does not ever deserve a response.
Reality Check January 25, 2013 at 08:54 AM
What we have is not the creation of something new, but the replacement of something existing - not for the use of the 26,000 residents but for a handful of paid hourly employees. Not a single additional life will be saved. More beachgoers will not be guarded. The site is atrocious, our scenic beach has been turned into a massive trailer park and the end result will be a more visually appealing structure than what was previously there, benefitting mainly those who are doing the construction and those who control the city budget. If two years were spent constructing a mansion next to any of your properties, somehow I bet you all would be the first ones to complain. If you don't care whatsoever about residents who are not you, businesses that are not yours and tourists who have spent thousands on a relaxing vacation at least you could care about the visual mess the beach has been transformed into as you quickly drive by on the way to your non-beach view homes. And for the record, I was not the complainer. The guys doing the construction need to do what they are being paid to do and have, so far, been very respectful other than not adhering to the daily hours originally set out by the city, which were 9AM – 4PM.
Pamela Knudsen January 27, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Touche! Very well said.
Laguna Beach Lifer January 28, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Reality Check, what a hot steamy mess you've left as you ramble from insult to unsupported fact. Where do you propose that that we station the "hired help", Mr. Silver Spoon? Out behind the polo pony stables? Lifeguards need to be onsite, genius. And how do you twist this normal construction activity into "destruction of homes, hotels and businesses"? This is a temporary, albeit complicated construction project of more than just the headquarters for the salaried career professionals who guard our coast 12 months a year. They also installed a new pumping lift station for about 1/3 of the crap in Laguna, including yours I'm sure, as well as sorely needed new public bathrooms which are 20 years overdo. How condescending of you to call the new HQ a "beachfront locker room" for the "hourly employees". You sound like Leona Helmsley whining about the little people. The fact remains that whether it was a business or a person, one complaint shut things down. That's how we roll here, and while I'm glad we have a city that listens, don't mistake that for a mandate to complain about every little thing. You're one of the handful of self-appointed cranks who feel entitled to shoot from the hip at the people in this city who are trying to get things done the right way and you're so anxious to make your point that you leave objectivity bleeding on PCH. My advice: don't go in the water.


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