Steve Dicterow Launches Bid to Return to Laguna Beach City Council

The Sunday event at Seven Degrees was attended by friends and supporters.

Republican Steve Dicterow, along with his wife Catrina, kicked off his 2012 campaign for Laguna Beach City Council on Sunday. Long-time friends Mark Orgill and Dora Wexell put on the event at in Laguna Canyon.

When the nearly 250 supporters arrived, they were greeted with non-stop hors d'oeuvres, food, drinks and music.

"When I made my decision to run, Mark and Dora said that they wanted to put on the kickoff party. Look at this event they have put on for us today!" said Dicterow. "They are unique friends, and they were there for me during my toughest times. I will always be grateful to them,” he remarked.

Taryn Dicterow, Steve's daughter, began the evening in support of her father with a heartfelt speech. She spoke passionately about politics, and her father’s excitement in running for city council again. Dicterow sat on the city council from 1994-2006 and served as mayor for three terms. She spoke of those days saying, "What I noticed most was the excitement in his voice when he talked about the things he wanted to change in town, and how pleased he was when that something was realized ... as I grew up, I saw Laguna Beach as a city that was clean, safe, and had this incredible charm. I largely attribute that to my father.”

Taryn ended by expressing that Laguna has since been compromised, and now the city needs her father’s help to bring it back to where it’s meant to be.

Steve Dicterow’s pride in his daughter's support was obvious as he listened to her speak, and then took the stage to address his supporters.

“Ultimately, we are here for the same reason. We all love Laguna Beach, and we all want what’s best for this city.” Dicterow said. "Politics can sometimes seem impersonal. When I run for office, it's personal, and everyone matters to me.”

He addressed the importance of public safety, and maintaining the and meeting their needs. He also expressed the need to take back control of Laguna’s canyon and coastline.

Dicterow concluded by saying, “We need to take responsibility over our own destiny ... I will work harder than any other candidate for you. Without your help, I cannot win. With your help, I cannot lose.”

Ed and Kiesha Domanskis were there on Sunday to help support Dicterow.

“Steve has served the people of Laguna Beach extremely well in the past, and that’s why we are here today. Not only is he capable and hard-working, he’s a very honest man as well," they commented.

Supporters Patricia and Michael Stark echoed the same sentiments, Patricia adding that "voting is a process and luxury. We have to do it."

Republican Dana Rohrabacher, Laguna Beach's new 46th District Congressman, ended the evening's speeches with a great deal of enthusiasm.

"Never before has it been so important to have someone like Steve Dicterow on the city council than it is right now." Rochrabacher went on to say, "We need someone who can make sure we have policies that are from bottom to top. We don't want structures imposed from the top on communities like Laguna Beach ... let's make sure Steve Dicterow is re-elected, so Laguna Beach will remain the paradise that it is."

Stay in touch with Laguna Beach Patch for continuing news on November's city election.

Bev April 24, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Our family has always been big supporters of Steve Dicterow and we are thrilled he is running for City Council. Unfortunately I had to miss the Seven Degree event but will defiitely spread the word to my friends and help in any way. Bev Holt
April Josephson May 20, 2012 at 08:17 PM
I am so happy to hear that Steve Dicterow is running again. Our family has also been big supporters of his for good reason. His campaign slogan says it all: Common Sense for a Change!
Ellie Tipton Ortiz June 11, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Hello Bev and April...along with anyone else who wishes to support Steve Dicterow for City Council. Laguna Beach Legal is hosting an event at the home of Paula Lingelbach on June 15, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event is being catered by French 75 and there will be live entertainment. We hope you are available to attend and show Steve your support. For more information please contact my office. Ellie Tipton Ortiz (Laguna Beach Legal) 949-497-9800


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