The Alternative Laguna Beach City Council Race: An Election Daydream

CNN was covering the Laguna Beach City Council election ... or was it?


Election Day has finally arrived, and I'm well informed and ready to go vote! I actually had a funny dream about this last night.  Most of us don't even remember our dreams, or if we do, it's just fragments of them. The fact is, that within the first five minutes of waking up most of us have already forgotten fifty percent of our dreams. Within ten minutes, ninety percent of our dreams are gone- that is unless something triggers our memory throughout the day. The key to remembering your dreams are to remain very still when you first wake up. Try not to move any of your body parts, especially your head, and then begin trying to recall your dreams.

This morning I had no problem lying still because I was groggy from lack of sleep. The time change threw me off, so I've been waking up about four hours earlier than I usually do. I think I actually fell asleep at a traffic light yesterday afternoon. A car horn just about gave me a heart attack. I can see why the guy behind me laid on his horn, but why is it that some drivers feel the need to honk theirs after only milliseconds to alert the car in front of them that the light is green? Are people really in that big of a hurry? 

It seems like my ADD has gotten much worse since the time change, too. I’m way off the election topic.

As I was saying, I was lying in bed this morning recalling last night’s dreams. I dreamed that the race for a seat on Laguna's City Council was really heating up- much like the weather lately. Although, I do remember Halloween of 1985 being extremely hot. At one point I even became suspicious of the little trick-or-treaters. I suspected that the Little Princess Jasmines and Ninja Turtles were taking more candy than they should be, but then quickly realized that the candy had just been melting inside the wrappers, making it appear that the candy was shrinking.

There I go again, I'm off topic.

Where was I ? Oh yeah, the race was really heating up. At one point I was in a room with a big crowd of people watching the election results on this ginormous television set. CNN's John King broke in, and began showing results of the Laguna Beach race on his ticker map.  He said that it had been declared a five-way-tie, and so a tie breaker was needed.  He explained that all five candidates, Dicterow, Egly, Rollinger, Ross and Whalen had to run an obstacle course through the streets of Laguna beginning at City Hall, down Forest to the coast, then up to Third and down the hill back to City Hall. The first two candidates to cross the finish line at City Hall would be declared the winners. The race was ready to begin.

The residents of Laguna Beach were all lined up and down the streets throughout the course. It looked like everyone was eating either candy, turkey legs, or a humongous ginger bread man.  Candy wrappers covered the streets like rainbow snow. Anderson Cooper showed up with wet suits for the candidates to wear for the competition, and then explained the route they would be taking. He told them to start running when they heard the church bells playing "Jingle Bells". Ding, ding, ding, and they were off!

I was trying to take pictures of the race, but I couldn't get my camera to focus at all. Finally I just gave up and started running with them. When we got to the boardwalk I stopped and climbed up the Lifeguard station. From there I could see all of Laguna Beach and the candidates still racing.  I was able to follow them and tell who they were all the way to Third Street. They all rolled down that big hill and that's when I lost track of them.

I never did see who won. I guess I'll have to wait until tonight.

Darnell Bledsoe November 08, 2012 at 07:56 PM
We all know who won now! My sincere congratulations to Steve Dicterow & Bob Whalen.


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