Watch: What Does Laguna Beach City Manager John Pietig Actually Do?

Local government news sitePublicCEO.com features Pietig in an informative video chat.

Mayors, city council members, city attorneys ... pshaw. The real rulers of most municipalities are the city managers, who implement the laws that city councils pass, among many other important things.

John Pietig is Laguna Beach's city manager, and he's currently featured in a clip on PublicCEO.com talking about who he is and what he does. The site itself is " a local government news site dedicated to providing a statewide perspective on California’s cities, counties and special districts ... PublicCEO.com provides the most relevant headlines and commentary from throughout the 481 cities, 58 counties and thousands of special districts."

Sounds great, if you find public policy and local government issues particularly riveting.

We've posted the Pietig clip here, which was initially posted just a couple of days ago on YouTube, and we couldn't help noticing how relatively more popular the interviews with other California city managers were. Daly City? 401 views. San Jose? 464. Thousand Oaks? 399. But Laguna Beach's Pietig has a scant 80. C'mon, Laguna, we can do better than this!

Click the video. Click it often. You might even learn something new about Laguna Beach.



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