Readers' Choice: The Coach Who Made A Difference in Your Life

From tee ball to college, those special leaders hold a special place in our hearts.

They mold bodies and minds, nurture skill-sets, and lead boys, girls, men and women into battle.

They are coaches.

From tee ball to college, those special leaders empowered to guide us into competition hold a special place in our hearts. Was it the Little League coach when we were 11? The gymnastics coach who taught us to cartwheel? The swimming coach who pushed us to the brink to get an Olympic qualifying time?

Whether it's an individual coach or a team coach, a head coach or an assistant. We want the debate to begin about the coaches who made a difference in the community, who built bridges and character, who understood what it takes to compete, and made us better people in the process.

Next week we'll publish a poll with some of the names that get bandied about in the comments below. We'll look at the votes, examine the dialogue, and determine who the community looks to when they think of "Coach."

Rick Smith March 22, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Coach Len Miller LBHS Cross Country & Track 1969-1973. What can one say about a coach who has the ability to make a teenager believe in themselves. And teach them how to set and achieve goals they did not believe possible. I remember one of his pre workout pep talks. We may not be as talented as the other schools in our league but desire, dedication and hard work is our equalizer and edge. A lesson that can and has been applied to the working world and life. He convinced teenagers that running up bleachers in practice was a privilege not a penalty. He easily doubled the size of the cross country and track teams during his tenure with his charismatic style recruiting kids from P.E. classes and hallways. Smitty class of '71
LEN MILLER October 03, 2012 at 06:07 PM
It is now 41 years later. Coach Miller is still coaching! Dos Pueblos High School Boys cross country and the distance runners during track season. Better than ever!


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