LBHS Tennis Wins 17th Straight Orange Coast League Championship

Breakers win Orange Coast League Championship and complete league individual playoffs.

Story submitted by Kristine Michaels:

Undefeated in league play, the Breakers beat Costa Mesa on Thursday 10/18 by a score of 16-2 and Calvary Chapel on Friday 10/19 by a score of 17-1 to claim their 17th straight Orange Coast League title for Laguna Beach High. Breakers finish with a record of 10 wins – 0 losses in league, 15 wins – 5 losses overall.

On Wednesday 10/25 and Thursday 10/26, the Breakers competed in the Orange Coast League Individual Championships held at the Costa Mesa Tennis Center.  The top 3 singles players and tournament seeds #1-Brooke Michaels, #2- Kira Hamilton and #3-Bailey Jaeger, and the top 3 doubles teams and tournament seeds #1-Chloe Mansour/Dominique Willette, #2-Ashley Shelton/Madeline Loomis and #3-Katelyn Bo/Sarah Nederlander were all invited to compete in the playoff tournament.  The tournament included a draw of 16 for both the singles and doubles.  The first round was played as an 8 game pro set and the remainder of the rounds were played 2 sets with the a 10 point super tie break for the third set when needed.

The Breakers continued their dominant play with both top three singles and top three doubles making it to the final day of the tournament.  The competition took a twist when the Breakers had to play each other in the semifinals.   The team had to face one another to determine the final playoff standings.  In singles, #2 Kira Hamilton faced #3 Bailey Jaeger in a very competitive semifinal match lasting over 2 hours.  Both girls brought great tennis to the courts.  The first set was a battle as Jaeger upset the #2 seed winning 7-6 in a 7 point tie breaker to determine the set.  Hamilton came back strong in the second set winning by a score of 6-0.  The tie breaker for the third set was extremely competitive as both Breakers fought for each and every point.  Jaeger fought off a match point at 8-9 and won the next two points to claim an 11-9 tie break victory. 

This setup another Breaker vs. Breaker matchup for the Championship final against the #1 seed Brooke Michaels.  Michaels won her semifinal match 6-0, 6-0.  Once again, the tension was high as the fellow teammates and friends had to battle against each other.  Both girls played tough in the first set which lasted over an hour.  Long rallies and graceful tennis brought yet another tie breaker for Michaels and Jaeger when the set reached a score of 6-6.  A third tough tie breaker for the day for Jaeger and another tough and competitive one.  Michaels came out on top winning by a score of 8-6.  In the second set, the competition remained strong as both Breakers continued to battle hard.  As the second set settled in, Michaels broke Jaege’rs serve reaching a score of 5-3.  Jaeger continued to fight however Michaels served strong and held to claim her first Individual League Championship title.

In doubles, there was a similar Breaker vs. Breaker faceoff in the semifinal round when #2 seeded Ashley Shelton/Madeline Loomis faced #3 seeded Katelyn Bo/Sarah Nederlander.  Bo/Nederlander upset the #2 seed by a score of 6-1, 6-4.  The semifinal victory put Bo/Nederlander up against Breaker #1 Chloe Mansour/Dominique Willlette.  Once again, the competition was fierce leading the Breakers to yet another tie breaker to decide the final.  Bo/Nederlander shook up the #1 seed by winning the first set 2-6.  Mansour/Willette were not going to quit there though.  The pair has only lost one match since Coach Don Davis paired them up early in season play during both league and non-league duals.  Mansour/Willette played tough the second set and took it by a score of 6-3.  This brought the Breakers to the third set 10 point super tie break.  Mansour/Willette found there rhythm and claimed their championship in the third set tie break by a score of 10-1.

The top two finishers in singles and doubles qualify to play in CIF Individual Playoffs which begin November 19th. The third and fourth place finishers will be alternates. 

Team CIF begins October 31, November 2 and November 5. The location and time will be posted at a later date.  The Breakers remain ranked #5 according to the CIF Division 2 Coaches poll dated 10/22/12.  The top 5 in the standings are 1-San Marino, 2-Arcadia, 3-Claremont, 4-Canyon/A, 5-Laguna Beach.

Coach Don has prepared his Breakers well for post season play.  With strength in both singles and doubles, and a willingness to battle hard, the Breakers are ready for a strong finish in Team and Individual CIF.

Final Orange Coast Individual League Standings:

Laguna Beach – LBHS, Calvary Chapel – CC, Costa Mesa – CM, Estancia – E , Godinez – G, Saddleback - SB



Champion –     Brooke Michaels  LBHS

Finalist –         Bailey Jaeger LBHS

Third Place -    Kira Hamilton LBHS

Fourth Place - Catherine Debbas (CM)



Champions –   Chloe Mansour/Dominique Willette LBHS

Finalist –         Katelyn Bo/Sarah Nederlander LBHS

Third Place -    Ashley Shelton/Madeline Loomis LBHS

Fourth Place – Won-Milho/Russell (CM)


Tournament Results by Round:

Singles - Round of 16

Brooke Michaels - LBHS (1) – BYE

Desiree Unt – CC def Crystal Ramirez – G               8-4

Kinley Ohland – E def Shephanie Rand – CM          8-0

Catherine Debbas – CM (4) def Morgan Miller – E   8-0

Bailey Jaeger – LBHS (3) def Maria Valle – G          8-0

Cindi Flynn – CC def Mirna Dahbren – CM             8-0

Lauren Saito – CC def Doris Corona – E                   8-2

Kira Hamilton – LBHS (2) – BYE


Singles – Round of 8

Brooke Michaels – LBHS (1) def Desiree Unt – CC             6-0, 6-2

Catherine Debbas – CM (4) def Kinley Ohland – E              2-6, 6-1  (10-8)

Bailey Jaeger – LBHS (3) def Cindi Flynn – CC                   6-3, 6-2

Kira Hamilton – LBHS (2) def Lauren Saito – CC                6-0, 6-0


Singles – Semifinal Round

Brooke Michaels – LBHS (1) def Catherine Debbas – CM               6-0, 6-0

Bailey Jaeger – LBHS (3) def Kira Hamilton – LBHS (2)                7-6, 0-6  (11-9)


Singles – Championship Final

Brooke Michaels – LBHS (1) def Bailey Jaeger – LBHS (3)            7-6, 6-3


Singles – Third/Fourth Playoff

Kira Hamilton – LBHS (2) def Catherine Debbas – CM (4)             6-1, 6-1


Doubles – Round of 16

Mansour/Willette – LBHS (1) def Aranavia/Viviana – SB                8-0

Thomas/Kao – E def Lopez/Elizalde – G                                           8-6

Lara/Sirrungvikrai – E def Williams/Finlayson – CC                         8-3

Won-Milho/Russell – CM (4) def Le’Steel – E                                  8-2

Bo/Nederlander – LBHS(3) def Do/Le – CM                                   8-2

Buonarigo/Gherasiam – CC def Flanders/Melendez – CC                8-2

Popp/Sampouw – CC def Rincon/Kue – G                                        8-5

Shelton/Loomis – LBHS (2) def Reynoso/Guitierez – SB                 8-1


Doubles – Round of 8

Mansour/Willette – LBHS (1) def Thomas/Kao – E                          6-0, 6-1

Won-Milho/Russell – CM (4) def Lara/Sirrungvidrai – E                  6-3, 6-3

Bo/Nederlander – LBHS (3) def Buonarigo/Gherasiam – CC           6-1, 6-4

Shelton/Loomis – LBHS (2) def Popp/Sampouw – CC                     6-2, 6-2


Doubles – Semifinal Round

Mansour/Willette – LBHS (1) def Won-Milho/Russell – CM (4)      6-1, 6-2

Bo/Nederlander – LBHS (3) def Shelton/Loomis – LBHS (2)          6-1, 6-4


Doubles – Championship Final

Mansour/Willette – LBHS (1) def Bo/Nederlander – LBHS (3)       2-6, 6-3  (10-1)


Doubles – Third/Fourth Playoff

Shelton/Loomis – LBHS (2) def Won-Milho/Russell (4)                   6-1, 6-4


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