Photos: Can't Dodge This! Costumed Characters Hurl Balls for SchoolPower

Local folks jump, jive and wail at the 3rd Annual SchoolPower Dodgeball Tournament.

On Wednesday, SchoolPower Program Director Stephanie Reid stood at the doorway of the Laguna Beach High School gym during the annual dodgeball tournament. She directed spectators to a safe viewing space so they wouldn't get beaned by a fast-traveling dodgeball.


"This is truly THE community event," said Reid. "The town loves it, we love it, and, as you can see, the kids love it. It's dynamite. It's our third year, and it doesn't seem like it's waning."

The third annual tournament, with more than 100 players, raised funds for SchoolPower, a foundation which provides program and resource funds for Laguna Beach's four schools, and a teacher grant program.

Dressed up in themed garb, dozens of teams tried to become the last group standing, and to know what it is to be dodgeball victors. Some costumed teams included the Untouchables, Savages, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, and Hammer Time.

Volunteer Paul Meyer was on hand to promote SchoolPower. He explained that SchoolPower is a 25-year-old, all-volunteer organization.

"This year," said Meyer, "[SchoolPower is] hoping to raise a million dollars. Last year we raised close to $900,000. The money goes to all four schools for many things, including improving teacher-to-student ratios, technology in the classroom, after-school programs, and athletic programs. I would guess today we'll make about $5,000 to $7,000."

For more information about SchoolPower, click here.


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