Drug and Alcohol Use Among Laguna Youth is the Topic at Monday Event

The discussion will center around the results of the California Healthy Kids Survey, which revealed the extent of drug and alcohol use among Laguna Beach youth.

Submitted story by the Laguna Beach Unified School District:

On Monday, Nov. 5, the Laguna Beach Unified School District, in conjunction with the California Youth Services (CYS), is presenting a parent education event titled "Drugs and Alcohol Usage: What it MEANS and What to DO."

The spring 2012 California Healthy Kids Survey data results will also be presented. The parent education program is 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Laguna Beach High School Library. Educational resources will be available at 6 p.m.

Irene White, LBUSD Director of Special Education/Student Services, says “Our California Healthy Kids Survey data tells us that 48% of our seniors, 26% of 10th graders and 7% of 8th graders reported having at least one drink in the 30 days prior to the survey, which was administered in the spring. That number is significant and troubling. Marijuana use was also high. Twenty-four percent of current seniors, 15% of 10th graders and 1% of our 8th graders reported using marijuana. We have clearly pinpointed the window of time when teens begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and we must work together to do everything we can to decrease adolescent alcohol and drug use.”

Topics to be presented include:

  • Current drug/alcohol trends in Laguna Beach and Orange County
  • Coming Clean: How to have an honest conversation with your child
  • What do you do if you suspect your son/daughter is using?
  • Current resources and recommendations from CYS

Presenters for the program are:

  • Robert Billinger, Assistant Principal, LBHS
  • Detective Larry Bammer, LBPD, Drug Recognition Expert
  • Brian Nissen, Orange County Sheriff Department, Drug Recognition Expert
  • Margie Diaz, Executive Director, CYS

Mr. Billinger states, “We are pleased to partner with California Youth Services in an effort to bring drug/alcohol awareness and resources to our families so that meaningful conversations can take place at home. I strongly encourage all parents to attend with their son/daughter as we work to reduce drug and/or alcohol use among our youth.”

Parents interested in attending are asked to RSVP to Mr. Billinger at rbillinger@lbusd.org.

Robin Wethe Altman November 05, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Thank goodness this topic has not been forgotten. This article mentioned alcohol and marijuana. What about the skyrocketing use of PRESCRIPTION drugs? What about the drug oxycotton? The drug companies think, "why can't we benefit from drug sales?" So they invent a synthetic form of heroin. Once people go there, its not hard to go to heroin itself because its cheaper. What about the popular trend in the party crowd to combine zanex with alcohol? I talked to a well known Laguna man recently. He said his son did a survey of kids in the Laguna Beach High School a few years back. The survey said that most of the kids had gotten their drug of choice from their parents starting out. Fear is not the answer, but people have to wake up. I know parents who are in total denial about their kids using right now. The first step is awareness. Good thing you are having this meeting. Parents, it is a LOT easier to catch these things in the first stages than later. I speak from experience. Alanon and AA will also be a big help if you go. The Canyon Club is a lifesaver and its right here in our Canyon. Get the facts so you can make the best choices for yourself and others. There is help but you may have to step outside of your comfort zone to get it. And what about anti-depressants and the nightmare that those are causing? Read the book: "Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher" by Gwen Olsen. A very brave woman speaking out about a VERY big drug industry that wants your money and maybe your soul too.
Robin Wethe Altman November 06, 2012 at 05:43 PM
I want to share this site that I found helpful. It has a lot of answers and the woman who manages the company talked to me personally. She was very compassionate and wise. When I didn't have the money for drug tests, she GAVE me some! There are truly people out there that care. http://www.drugtestyourteen.com/


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