Video: Painting of 'Wonder' Mural Begins in Laguna Canyon

Mia Tavonatti's Laguna College of Art and Design students start work on the new piece.

Work began Saturday on the painting of a new mural on the side of the building.

The previous mural, which had stood for eight years, was accidentally rubbed out in February 2011 because of a kerfuffle over property rights. Thinking the wall was included in his building lease agreement, winery co-owner Marlowe Huber had the mural covered over with gray paint, with the intent of eventually using the 82-foot-long space for an advertising sign.

But the wall turned out to be public property. So instructor Mia Tavonatti, who had spearheaded the creation of the original mural with her students, began laying out plans for a new one.

A contest was held to pick the winning one-word theme for the new work. Some 1,100 entries later, the name was chosen: WONDER. A design by student Cheryl Kook was later selected to become the new mural.

Tavonatti's students will continue working on the mural for the next few weeks. After that, Tavonatti tells Patch that she'll make a decision whether or not to work on the mural over LCAD's summer break, or wait until the fall to complete it, when she'll have a new batch of students.

ms.sc. April 09, 2012 at 03:32 PM
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