Howard Hills
My grandparents moved to Laguna Beach in 1929.  My uncle graduated from LBHS in 1942.   I graduated from LBHS in 1970.    My youngest daughter graduated from LBHS in 2009, and carried my uncle's diploma in her hand when she walked across the stage at Irvine Bowl to get her diploma.    My grandkids lived with me and my wife and attended TOW for a year while their dad was in Iraq, so our grandkids were the fifth generation of our family to live here and be part of the LB public school comunity.   
I just want to surf and hang out, be happy and enjoy people, but I have to spend a lot of time trying to stop local government from exceeding the scope of consent the people have given to its activities and authority.   My wife Lura is from the Federated States of Micronesia, we have five kids and six grandkids.   Our youngest, Lura Joy, was girls soccer MVP all four years at LBHS, including her senior year when she set records for the most shut outs for a goal keeper in a season. She had a great experience at LBHS. We have great public schools, which is why it is too bad school board politics are so often in disarray.