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My family moved to 250 High Drive in Laguna Beach when I was 5 in 1959. My father, Lt. Col. Wallace G. Wethe was an ace fighter pilot in the Marine Corps and my mother, Joyce Darling Wethe was an artist and writer. They were also spiritual healers.
My Grandmother, Grace Irene Wethe originated the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade along with her D.A.R. friend. Last year they honored "the granddaughters" and we rode in the head car in the Parade. I wish my Grandmother could have been here to see that. Our cousin, Merel Johnson owned the Surf and Sand Hotel and then built the "Towers" next to it. I got my first job there as a maid but was fired after 3 months because I was too slow. With the blow of that news, I reacted in righteous indignation declaring that from that time forward I would make my living as an artist. My father dreaded my decision until a few months later when I was making 3 to 4 hundred dollars a day selling shell necklaces and paintings at the Sawdust Festival. My brother Wally Wethe started the Binocular concession at the Pagent of the Masters in 1964. He sold the business to my brother David who then sold it to me in 1970. I'd work at the Sawdust all day and the Pageant all night every single day of the Summer. I paid my way through private college at Prinicpia College with the money I made as well as with the help of an art scholarship from the Festival of Arts in 1972. The Binocular Concession (Theater Rental Services) stayed in my family and was run by my husband and I until 2009 when the Festival took the business over in order to make more money for the Festival. We served the Pageant well for 45 years. Our three daughters, Jen, Erin and Katie volunteered in the Pageant and served as ushers and program sellers every summer. I was an artist in the Festival for 10 years and they placed me next to the Binocular Concession so that I could run both. It was quite a family affair those days! In 2000 I joined the Laguna Art-A-Fair Festival and am there still every summer exhibiting my artwork. I also show my work at the Watercolor Gallery in Laguna Beach. My partner Paul McIntire is a professional electric violinist who plays all over Orange County both as a solo violinist as well as in bands. Currently we reside in Laguna Hills.
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My blog is about my life as an artist in Laguna Beach. My family moved to Laguna inMore 1959. My father could tell that I'd be an artist at age 3. I like to write about all the joys and challenges of being an artist here!
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